Call for Papers - Fronteiras Journal v.6 n. 3 (2017) (Dossiê "História, Ciência e Natureza")

Dossier “History, Science and Nature”
The relation between History, Science and Nature is extremely dynamic and interdisciplinary, allowing a deeper knowledge on the uses of the planet and Nature (Earth / Oceans / Seas). Through the analysis of the last we intend to develop a transnational and comparative perspective of the History of Sciences and Technologies. We also intend to understand Nature as a way of modernization of the economic, social, scientific and cultural activities of the different States and Nations. Nature also seen as an agent of new practices and sociabilities, representative of new philosophical and social ideals, in which the production, circulation and appropriation of knowledge and techniques is a reality, creating important networks that unite the Mediterranean world with the Ibero-American world and Africa. This call gives preference to the following scientific areas: Transnational History; History of Science and Technology; Internationalization of Science and Scientific Internationalism; Museums and Scientific Collections; Spaces and Actors of Science; Scientific and Cultural Diplomacy; History of Colonialism; History of Natural Sciences; History of Health Sciences; History of the Environment; History of Meteorology; Seas and Oceans.
- Ângela Salgueiro (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade de Évora, Portugal) 
- José Pedro Sousa Dias (Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência – Museus da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal) 
- Maria de Fátima Nunes (Universidade de Évora, Portugal) 
- Sara Albuquerque (Universidade de Évora, Portugal)
Deadline for submission: January 30th, 2018


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