International Master Course on Agricultural Heritage - call for application

According to FAO, Agricultural Heritage Systems are land use systems and landscapes, including cultivated land, forests and pastures, rich in biocultural and  biological diversity, evolving from the co-adaptation of a community with the surrounding environment, according to needs and aspirations for sustainable development.
In 2002, FAO launched the idea of a program named Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), to identify and safeguard agricultural sites characterized by traditional techniques and still providing many services to the ecosystem. At the same time, these agricultural systems contribute to the preservation of landscapes, of agrobiodiversity, ancestral knowledge and cultural and social values, transmitted through generations.
Today the GIAHS  program  includes more than 50 agricultural and forest sites across the word. In order to contribute to the program, in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, FAO, CBD and World Bank, the Laboratory for Landscape of the School of Agriculture of the University of Florence set up an International Master Course on Agricultural Heritage that will start in January 2019, as part of a larger national research program supporting GIAHS


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