Norwegian Graduate School in History: "Environmental and Climate History: The Role of History in Society" (16-18 December 2019)

The recently founded Norwegian Graduate School in History will be holding a PhD-course on environmental and climate history from December 16-18. The course will grapple with questions such as Does the call for a greener political regime require a reevaluation of the way historians think about history? How do you reconcile the timescale of the climatologists with time as it is understood by historians? Can environmental histories of climate be a bridge between “the two cultures” in academia: the natural scientists and the humanists? And more generally: What is the role of history in society?
As the regional representative for the European society for environmental history, we wondered whether you would be interested in informing students about the course? We would be very happy to have international students participating. The Norwegian Graduate School in History have a budget to provide five scholarships to cover travel and accommodations. 
The student will also earn 3ECTS, so it might be a good opportunity for PhD-candidates in their early phase of the PhD program.
Kind Regards,
Anna Marie Skråmestø Nesheim
Coordinator for the Norwegian Graduate School in History


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