REPORT(H)A III - Book of abstracts and registration

(English version below) 
Estimados/as participantes, 
Informamos que podem consultar o programa no site do evento.
Segue em anexo o livro de resumos que está, também, disponível para download aqui:
Para quem ainda não efectuou o registo no evento ou não procedeu ao pagamento do jantar ou da visita cultural, pedimos que o façam o mais breve possível. 
Reenviamos as informações relativas ao REGISTO:
A participação no encontro é isenta de pagamento de inscrição, no entanto, o registo é obrigatório.
No âmbito do encontro será realizada uma Visita Cultural e um jantar convívio, que carecem de registo e pagamento
Visita Cultural | 15,00 euros
Jantar convívio | 20,00 euros
Encontram toda a informação relativa ao registo aqui:
Estamos disponíveis para qualquer esclarecimento. 
A Comissão Organizadora, 
Sónia Bombico
Armando Quintas 
Paulo Guimarães
Dear all, 
We inform you that the program is available online.
The book of abstracts is attached and is also available for download, here: 
For those who haven't yet registered for the event or haven't paid for the dinner and cultural visit, we ask you to do so as soon as possible.
Participation in the meeting is free of payment, however registration is mandatory.
During the meeting, there will be a Cultural Visit and a social dinner, which need registration and payment.

Cultural Visit | 15,00 euros
Social dinner | 20,00 euros  
You will find all the information related to the registration here:
We are available for any clarification.
The Organizing Committee,
Sónia Bombico
Armando Quintas
Paulo Guimarães

Articles: "The Wonder Whale" and "The Voice of Skogula in ‘Beasts Royal’ and a Story of the Tagus Estuary (Lisbon, Portugal) as Seen through a Whale’s-Eye View"

"The Wonder Whale" (Cristina BRITO, Nina VIEIRA & Joana G. FREITAS)
Anthropozoologica: (artigo publicado com o apoio da APCM, OPP e CHAM - NOVA FCSH)
"The Voice of Skogula in ‘Beasts Royal’ and a Story of the Tagus Estuary (Lisbon, Portugal) as Seen through a Whale’s-Eye View" (Cristina BRITO)
Humanities: (artigo publicado com o apoio CHAM - NOVA FCSH)

CfP: 2nd CONCHA Workshop - "Sea and Animals: History, Culture and Marine Conservation" (until the 31st April 2019)

Dear colleagues,


The CFP for the 2nd CONCHA Workshop is now open (until the 31st April 2019). The workshop -  "Sea and Animals: History, Culture and Marine Conservation" will be held by CHAM and APCM (at NOVA FCSH, Lisbon) in October, 21-23. 


The workshop aims to contribute to WP1 and WP7 of the CONCHS project (more info here:


We count with your presence and pelase feel free to spread the CFP. All information can be found here:   


Contacts and request of information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Regards from Lisbon,


Cristina Brito, Nina Vieira and Isa Pais.


Call for Organizers of the ESEH Summer School 2019

The European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) is pleased to announce the call for committees which would like to organize the ESEH Summer School in 2019, according to the Constitution of the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) ( and Organisation of Summer Schools (


Ana Isabel Queiroz was invited to join the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) Nomination Committee by its President, Peter Szabo, who highlighted that she is an “experienced and highly regarded researcher with an extensive network among environmental historians”.
The IHC researcher believes that this “is not only a personal opportunity, it seems to me an opportunity to affirm both the REPORT(h)A network and the IHC”. She added that it is a way of “balancing regions and specificities, affirming the environmental history of southern Europe, where this perspective arrived later”.
With a two-year term, Ana Isabel Queiroz will share positions with Christian Rohr (the chairman of the committee, Swiss) and Kati Lindström (Estonian), who will be responsible for the Society’s elections, namely by actively seeking people to hold ESEH offices, namely of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Regional Representatives.

ESEH Call for Nominations

Nominations for elected positions
ESEH is soliciting nominations for our association’s leadership positions to be elected at the 2019 Ordinary General Meeting (OGM). Any ESEH Member can suggest candidates, including themselves, to the Nominations Committee (nominations[at] no later than 3 June 2019 (80 days before the OGM).


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