• To create a collaborative framework for those undertaking research within the framework of environmental history (maintaining a regional representative role with the European Society for the Environmental History-ESEH and other organisations) and to promote communication between researchers.
  • To demonstrate the importance of history in answering current questions within the context of environmental and ecological concerns with regard to the destruction of resources and the rediscovery of the environment as part of our heritage.
  • To alert for the need of knowledge and recognition about the past, in order to define strategies and environmental policies. To promote regular meetings on Environmental History.

Our research interests:

  • The study of ‘nature itself’, including humans – from an ecological point of view, examining the behavior and interrelationships between species, including those which are domesticated, as well as flows of materials.
  • The exploration and impacts of the socio-economic interaction between humans and nature, production, reproduction, customs, overexploitation, etc.
  • The analysis of ‘mental interaction’ – myths, ideologies, and all the different ways of thinking about nature.


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