Trabalho, capital e aquecimento global: mercados de carbono versus emprego climático

UNFCCC Cop 21 has defined how climate policy will develop in the coming years. What is mainly at stake is the future of the Kyoto Protocol (elaborated in 1997 and entered into force in 2005): the Paris agreement continues to rely on carbon markets - the main innovation produced by the Kyoto Protocol - also after 2020.

We will discuss such exclusive reliance from economic as well as technical perspectives. Our approach, however, aims at going beyond these important elements to incorporate the role of social movements and organized labour in the arena of climate policy, during Cop 21 and beyond.

Organizadores: Emanuele Leonardi, Lucia de Oliveira Fernandes, Ricardo Coelho, Climáximo.

Nota: Evento no âmbito do projeto ENTITLE - Rede Europeia de Investigação de Ecologia Política, Oficina Ecologia e Sociedade e Núcleo de Estudos sobre Políticas Sociais, Trabalho e Desigualdades (POSTRADE)


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