Call for session: 2024 Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society

Rudolf Brázdil, Fidel Gonzáles Rouco, Ricardo García Herrera (convenors)

Call for participation in the session “UP3.4 Paleoclimatology and Historical Climatology“, which will be running during the Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society, 2-6 September 2024 in Barcelona, Spain ( We believe it is a good possibility to meet in our paleoclimatological and historical-climatological community and present new scientific results achieved. Description of our session is as follows:

„The exceptional amplitude and rate of warming recorded at global, hemispherical and regional scales within contemporary instrumental records should be placed in the context of longer-term multi-centennial and millennial climate variability in order to both assess its uniqueness and better understand the mechanisms that contribute to the background of natural climate variability. Systematic meteorological measurements only span over a relatively short time interval. Thus, documentary evidence and natural climate proxies are used for the reconstruction and understanding of longer term past climate variability.

This session welcomes presentations related to various topics related to this frame:

  • early instrumental meteorological measurements, their history and use for the long-term series
  • documentary evidence and its features (advantages, disadvantages limits)
  • natural climate proxies and its features (advantages, disadvantages, limits)
  • methodological improvements and analysis of climate reconstruction approaches both from documentary evidence and natural climatic proxies
  • results of climate reconstructions over different regions based on various climatic sources
  • hydrological and meteorological extremes (e.g. floods, hurricanes, windstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms, frosts) and their human impacts in relation to climate variability beyond the instrumental period.
  • climate modelling of the last 2K and comparison of model outputs with reconstructed/observed climatological data
  • past impacts of climate variability on natural processes and human society
  • past and recent perception of the climate and its variability
  • history of meteorology and meteorological and climatological knowledge
  • discussion of natural and anthropogenic forcings as well as recent warming at global, regional and local scales in a long-term context.“

Important organisation information concerning of the EMS Barcelona meeting is included on We remind you that deadline for abstract submission is 18 April 2024. – see

We would be really very pleased to have abstract submission to our session from you and particularly to meet you personally in Barcelona. Please contact us if any additional information will be needed.


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