Reading Topics on Environmental History: 1st meeting of REPORT(H)A Portuguese Network of Environmental History

  • Author: CITCEM/REPORT(H)A, Inês Amorim, Sara Pinto, Luís Silva
  • Edition: CITCEM/FCT/UP
  • Year: 2015
In 2015 the CITCEM – Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar Cultura, Espaço e Memória, organizes the 4th CITCEM Conference subordinated to the theme Crossing Borders: Connecting Edges of Environmental History. The Conference aims to bring together experts of environmental history, whose contributions will enable the exchange of new perspectives, discussing concepts, methodologies and processes in the field of Environmental History. The meeting program includes plenary and parallel sessions which cover a wide range of issues that are interconnected and cross the boundaries of Environmental History. Health, human development, climate change, the role of science and technology, endangered species or changes in the landscape are part of a varied palette of topics to be discussed at the conference. We also highlight in the plenary lectures the contribution of three international experts in Environmental History as Mauro Agnoletti, Rudolf Brázdil and José Augusto Pádua. With a great pleasure and on behalf of Local Organising Committee I am submitting to the scholar community this set of abstracts selected by the Scientific Committee as a way to disseminate methodological and topics orientation in the field of environmental history, that we named Reading topics on environmental History. Finally we consider that this conference is the first one organized in the context of the Portuguese Network of Environmental History – REPORT(H)A as a lasting legacy of the 2nd World Congress of Environmental History (WCEH) 2014 promising a future cooperation with the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) and other similar institutions. We wish you all a great conference! Inês Amorim on behalf of Local Organising Committee


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